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Let Express Blinds help you make a decision you will be happy with for a long time!

Window Shutters or Plantation Shutters add a sophisticated and classic look to your home. Available in Wood, Poly-Clad wood and Vinyl, Express Blinds has shutters to fit any taste and budget. Choose from various colors and louver sizes to suit your personal preference.

Wood shutters are widely considered to be the top of the line product in Window Fashions! They are beautiful, made from various hardwood and stained or painted virtually any color you wish. They are truly elegant.

Poly-clad wood or vinyl shutters are considerably more affordable than wood shutters. With advances in manufacturing technology, todays products are better than ever in matching their wood counterparts. These shutters do offer some advantages at their lower price point. They will not warp or fade due to humidity or sunlight, and they are easier to clean.

  • Types:Poly-clad wood, vinyl, wood
  • StylesColors and Size
  • Cost$ to $$$$
  • MaintenanceLow/Med

Wood, Vinyl, or Poly-clad wood

  • Right for Me?
  • Vinyl or Poly-clad wood
  • Wood
Not sure which shutters are right for you? Let Express Blinds give you the information to help you make the best decision. We have samples that we can bring to your home. You can see how the different products look and operate where you will be using them - in your home! See how different colors and textures look, how different valances work with your home décor.
Hunter Douglas Shutters
  • Shutters bring fashion into any setting!
Norman Woodlore Shutters
  • A vinyl or poly-clad wood shutter is an ideal choice for areas subject to temperature and humidity changes.
Norman Normandy Shutters
  • Shutters can be installed on any type of opening, including doors.